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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fukushima releases VS Chernobyl....


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fukushima radiation

Comments from Mike Ruppert -

I believe that the reality is starting to sink in that so much radiation has been released from Fukushima that our fates may have already been sealed. Bear in mind that none of the continuing releases over the last 32 months have been stopped yet. Every day the rads just keep on pumping.

300 tons of radioactive water a day, plus many direct discharges from nearly full and deteriorating storage tanks. Add to that, recent stories here confirming that TEPCO is just going to dump contaminated water directly into the Pacific seeing no other options.

Japan continually incinerating radioactive waste directly into the atmosphere. I thought this had been stopped but in recent weeks we have seen multiple confirmations that it has never stopped. Atmospheric readings are currently showing the highest levels of radiation in North America since the earthquake. They have been posted here.

Emissions from three cores deep in the ground through ground water and occasional (perhaps continual) steam venting into the atmosphere.

FOIA documents from the NRC shown by Hatrick Penry saying that 100% of the fuel pool at #4 burned in the original fuel pool/zirconium fires after the explosion. (This may or may not be accurate. We simply cannot know.) Personally, I believe that a sizable amount of spent fuel remains at 4 but that much more was burned and released than has been admitted.

A fuel pool above the exploded Unit 3 that is no longer visible in any photograph. Where is it? Where is that spent fuel?

Spent fuel pools at 1 & 2, the conditions of which cannot be known (or haven't been disclosed) because the areas are too hot. According to Helen Caldicott there are/were six spent fuel pools at Daichi.

And now this...

A very alarmingly high

Magazine: Fukushima released up to 100,000 times more cesium-137 in surface ocean waters than Chernobyl or nuclear weapons testing

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